Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just recently some friends of mine invited me to go with them to Jefferson City! We went on a tour of the capitol building and the mayors mansion. The capitol building was amazing! We got to listen to the Senate and the House of Representatives. We didn't get to listen to the whole session but what we did get to listen to was really cool! The Senate had had a meeting the night before that lasted until 3 in the morning. The lady that showed us around said that its not an uncommon thing for the Senate to last that long and then still have to meet the following morning. I was amazed by that! Another thing that was really neat was when we went to the Senate side of the capitol building our Senator introduced us to all the different Senators from different counties before they started their session. After he introduced us, he came over and shook our hands! Elisabeth (Matthew and Amanda's little sis) was asked to be page or secretary for they day! She was really excited to do that! Basically what she did was take some papers back and forth between the main secretary(I guess thats what you would call her) and a few different Senators. After we were done at the Senate side we all headed over to the House side!I was really surprised at how many more Representatives there were than Senators. Anyways, our Representative did the same thing that the Senator did he introduced us and all that good stuff. After all of the going back and forth between the Senate and the House the lady from the Senators office took us for our own personal tour of the capitol building. She took us to the whispering gallow which is about 5 stories up! It was a little scary, but completely worth it! There are only two whispering gallows in the nation the other one is in Washington D.C. Our capitol building was designed after the one in D.C. Now, if you don't know what a whispering gallow is its really cool!It was designed that you could stand at one side and another person on the other side could whisper something into the wall and you could hear it on the other side! Its really cool! Another thing she took us up to was outside the capitol building about 10 feet or so from the top! That was so amazing! You could see a lot of Jefferson City from up there!I thought that I would get really scared being up there but the lady told us that there was like a 4 foot wall that surrounded you so I was fine after she told us that! While we were on that trip we stopped in St.Louis to see the arch! It was a pretty windy day so once we got up inside the arch it was blowing it around. It was a really cool feeling though. Everyone went up but Matthew and Mrs.O'Dell didn't like it so they headed back down. Amanda, Bro.O'Dell, Elisabeth, and myself stayed up for a little while longer. It was really cool but not as cool as being at the top of the capitol building! It was an amazing mini vacation! I recommend it to everyone!

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  1. We went there several years ago and it was really neat to see. The HOmeschool choir sang on that cool winding stairs!
    You have a great day~