Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Grandpa

One year from yesterday (May 12) my Grandpa Foster passed away. It was on that day I realized how good of friends I really have. Cece came over in the morning to just be with me. My other friends Josh, Caleb, Amanda, and Matt they took me to Sonic and they just let me talk and cry and they just listened and were there for me. The day brought back many memories. Mostly good and some sad. I thought about how grandpa and I spent much time together in his garage whether we were just talking, roasting hot dogs, or working on a regionals project. My grandpa was loved by many. He has affected many lives and he is missed by many! We love you Grandpa Foster!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ahhhh! Graduation has come and gone sad to say. It was a day filled with laughter and tears (most of the tears were my mom's :)). I so enjoyed my graduation party. My parents did a fantastic job of putting on the party for me! They also bought me a new car! Well, new to me lol. They bought me a Ford Mustang! It's a car that I have wanted for a very long time! I just couldn't believe it when I pulled the keys out of the coffee mug. At first I thought that they were just messing with me because the keys look just like my moms keys. When my dad told me to go outside I was just so shocked! At first all i saw was RED! Then, I got closer and saw that it was a Mustang. Well, I started crying. I had no idea that my parents ought me a car. I just knew that they would never buy me a car I mean my dad told me everyday that he wouldn't buy me a car. I guess all the constant asking finally got to him (hehe)! I am so thankful to have wonderful parents like my dad ans mom! They mean everything to me and I just want to make them proud!