Saturday, August 13, 2011

generation to generation

This post was inspired by the message Pastor Gaddis preached last Sunday (8~7~11). One part in particular really stuck out to me. He talked about your religion and relationship with God can be passed down generation to generation. Also, he talked about sticking to visiting your Sunday school class and your bus route and keeping up with the kids. If it wasn't for a couple that knocked on my grandparents door in Vermont asking if their children (my mom and uncle) wanted to ride the bus to church then my grandparents wouldn't have gotten saved and they never would have moved to Illinois and went to FBC. While my mom was at bible college so was my dad. There they met and well the rest is history. Because of one couple decision to knock on their door and keep after them my grandparents and my mom's  faith was passed down to another generation. Now for my dad. My dad and I have a lot in common not just our amazing sense of humor or our good looks :) but also that we graduated from the same high school and went to the same church camp. When my dad was at church camp he got his heart right with God  and decided to go to FBC. While he was at bible college he met my mom and like I said earlier the rest is history. Because of my dad's decision to follow God's leading, his faith was passed down to another generation. Now, I'm attending Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although, my brother isn't really living for God, he knows what is right. All of this is because someone took the time to visit and to keep tabs on my parents and made it a priority to see them live for God. We serve an awesome God! He can take any life and turn it around for His honor and glory. Make sure that you stick to your Sunday school class or your bus route you never know just who might be listening to you teach or watching to see of your really living for God. Don't give up! Their just might be a future pastor riding your bus or maybe a youth pastor listening to your Sunday school lesson. Keep the faith! Press forward! Never give up!