Thursday, July 28, 2011


Have you ever had an Ahhh! moment? I seemed to have a lot of those this summer. Sometimes my Ahhh! moments were like a light bulb going off in my head and sometimes they were like Ahhh! I can't believe that I just did that. Well, unfortunately life is a learning experience and not all "life lessons" turn out the way that me or you expect. I have recently had one of those moments. The Ahhh! moment wasn't like the light bulb Ahhh! or the can't believe I did that Ahhh! It was like Ahhh! God why can't this just work out the way I wanted it to.Well, the funny thing about praying for something and taking your hands off the situation is that God becomes the controller and not you. Even though your not seemingly "in control" me/you still expect the same outcome that you were hoping for. Sometimes they way that I think it should all work out is the way that God sees fit honestly, this rarely happens. Something, that I learned at camp last week is that when I pray for God to handle the situation and then I don't let Him have total control it never turns out right. I have yet to perfect this haha! Before I left for camp I asked one of my dearest friends to pray with me about getting the money for school this semester and of course she said she would pray with me about it. While I was at camp we tool some time together to pray about it and ask the Lord to work the way He saw fit. After we prayed together I decided that there was no way that I could make this happen so I took my hands off and let the Lord work. Now, this is where my Ahhh! moment kicks in not the good Ahhh! moment either it's the Ahhh! this is not how I wanted this to work out moment. I came home from camp and was informed of how my school was going to be payed for. Lets just say I wasn't a happy camper. First thing I did wasn't pray about it. I called my friend Joellen and she quickly put me back in my place and told me that this is what I prayed for and I need to let God lead. So, since that time I have come to grips with the fact and yes I'm kinda being a baby about it. Oh well I'm human right? God's still working on me and someday when I'm in Heaven I'll be perfect :) Just remember that when you pray for God's leading and guidance remember that the outcome isn't always the way dreamed and hoped for and pictured in your mind. It is however the way that God sees fit and it's perfect in His eyes even if we don't think so.

Monday, July 25, 2011

And We're Back!

Well, camp has come and gone and we had a great time! Of course the food was good, the preaching was amazing, and it was extremely hot! Despite the heat we had a great time! The preaching was right on this year! Bro. Webster had some great sermons! He preached on having five smooth stones and how salvation was awesome and all that but the relationship with God is vital.Without our relationship with God honestly, we have nothing. This couldn't be more true.The youth group was very responsive to these messages and one of our kids got saved! We had a great group at camp this year. They had great attitudes and were very tender to God's leading. What more could you ask for? Along with having great attitudes during the messages, they had great attitudes on the ball field as well. We won first place in every sport except water basketball and water volleyball! I'm so proud of them!! What amazes me more than the fact that we won sports and stuff is that we all had a great time even though it was incredibly hot outside all the time. It didn't matter how good you looked when you left your room because by the time you got down the hill you were all nasty and sweaty again. No matter how uncomfortable camp can be the Lord always moves and always changes lives! Thank God for another year at Sagmount!!