Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Grandpa

One year from yesterday (May 12) my Grandpa Foster passed away. It was on that day I realized how good of friends I really have. Cece came over in the morning to just be with me. My other friends Josh, Caleb, Amanda, and Matt they took me to Sonic and they just let me talk and cry and they just listened and were there for me. The day brought back many memories. Mostly good and some sad. I thought about how grandpa and I spent much time together in his garage whether we were just talking, roasting hot dogs, or working on a regionals project. My grandpa was loved by many. He has affected many lives and he is missed by many! We love you Grandpa Foster!

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  1. Gpa and I were just talking about him the other day and his overalls. Love you Gdaugh......