Monday, May 10, 2010

Ahhhh! Graduation has come and gone sad to say. It was a day filled with laughter and tears (most of the tears were my mom's :)). I so enjoyed my graduation party. My parents did a fantastic job of putting on the party for me! They also bought me a new car! Well, new to me lol. They bought me a Ford Mustang! It's a car that I have wanted for a very long time! I just couldn't believe it when I pulled the keys out of the coffee mug. At first I thought that they were just messing with me because the keys look just like my moms keys. When my dad told me to go outside I was just so shocked! At first all i saw was RED! Then, I got closer and saw that it was a Mustang. Well, I started crying. I had no idea that my parents ought me a car. I just knew that they would never buy me a car I mean my dad told me everyday that he wouldn't buy me a car. I guess all the constant asking finally got to him (hehe)! I am so thankful to have wonderful parents like my dad ans mom! They mean everything to me and I just want to make them proud!

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