Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hillary here,

On Saturday (May 23, 2009) My school will be leaving for International Student Convention! This will be my second time to go to Internationals! I am so excited! There are four girls going and five guys going. Thats not everyone that went to state convention, but its enough to still do some competing. The boys get to play basketball and do there individual events and everyone else still gets to sing in the ensemble. Everyone is really excited to go! There are just a few things that kinda stink about leaving on Saturday. My friend Hannah's 17th Birthday is on Saturday and I didn't want to miss it. Another thing is that I have to go down on my own on Saturday because my family is burying my grandpa. It will be a very hard day but, I know that it will get better because I can go meet up with my friends at ISC. Ok, back to ISC, this year it is back in Warrensburg! Which is the main reason why we get to go because it is so close to home. This year some of the girls are going to participate in the open events that they offer. Some of the events are photography and sand pit volleyball! We probably won't do very good in volleyball but it will be fun to try! It's going to be a fun week!I can't wait!

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