Friday, December 30, 2011

The World According to Hillary

The world according to Hillary. Hmmm. Have you every truly thought about what this means (well exchange Hillary for your name of course.)?I have to say that I haven't until a recent conversation with a friend when discussed me writing a dictionary so that everyone around could better understand what I mean. Then I really started to think about what it could mean. I think that the world according to Hillary should match up with the world according to God. My world shouldn't be filled with what I want, what I think is right, or what I think everyone around me should be doing. My world should be filled with what God wants, what He says is right, and what I know He has told me to do. Like the saying goes its easier said than done but does this really have to be our mindset? I think that if we as Christians went from it's easier said than done mentality to it might not be that easy, but I know its not that hard! I think that so much more could be accomplished for Christ. So, when the thought of its easier said than done comes to mind just think this instead it might not be that easy, but I know its not that hard!

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