Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ok, Im here!I know I haven't been on since like June 3rd but I have had to do other things and well I didn't have a lot to do, I WAS JUST BEING LAZY! So I'll just bring you up to speed with whats going on with me!So, it all starts at, two of my cousins got saved! I was so excited to see them get saved! Ever since they got saved they have been faithful to church and the teen activities.I also got to know my friend, Joellen better!She is a little crazy sometimes but we have a blast together!Now we are moving on to July. On July 4th there was a church picnic at well the church duh!So while we were at the picnic we played softball, volleyball and a bunch of other games.Oh yeah and I stepped on a bee and my foot swelled up to like twice the size of a human foot and it hurt bad!, of course it was very hot, and we had fun and all the stuff that everybody will tell you when you mention Sagmount!Oh yeah, another one of my cousins got saved and three other friends of mine got saved (Joellen, Sarah, and Hayley).The Lord really spoke to me about praying for my brother more, I find it very hard to do so sometimes when he starts to bother me or something. I still love him no matter wat he may do to me!After camp Joellen got to come home with me and she stayed untill the following tuesday. We attempted to fork someones yard and tp some people but, I didn't work out so well lol! We had a BLAST!!!!On the tuesday that we took Joellen home I had to get some moles removed in the morninig.It hurt and I got 5 stitches in each spot! :( Right now I am hanging out with Joellen and we are just kicking back and having fun!

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